The Pledge to Protect Hunting

I am proud to be a hunter. It is who I am, to my core, and for this I will not apologize. I am honored and humbled to represent a long lineage of hunters that have existed as long as mankind itself. For thousands of years we have hunted to sustain our existence, to provide for others. This privilege has created a primal connection to the natural world that few people can relate to. It is a hunter’s responsibility to create an open dialogue that generates understanding, cultivates acceptance and reaffirms respect for the hunting culture.

It is an honor to be a hunter. I embrace this and accept my responsibility to convey the myriad of positive attributes hunting provides for wildlife, wild places, conservation and society as a whole. I will articulate hunting’s ability to nurture the mind, body and soul. I will convey these attributes to respect the quarry, the traditions and the spirituality hunting provides. As hunters, we control the destiny of how the hunting lifestyle is perceived.

I pledge to protect and advance hunting, not only for future generations, but to honor the past generations who walked this same path. Together, hunters will stand united for one another, despite our differences. I will not divide the community of hunters by placing my personal pursuit above that of another hunter. I understand there are differences in methodologies but will seek an understanding of my fellow hunter to enlighten myself and strengthen our passions rather than create division.

I pledge to advocate for hunting, to spread my enthusiasm among my fellow hunters and rid our community of complacency. I pledge to fight for what’s right so hunters are rightfully viewed as the pillars of the wildlife conservation community. I pledge to stay informed and engage in issues challenging our community. I pledge to stand with the Sportsmen’s Alliance to protect hunting for the past, the present and, most importantly, the future.