Arizona: Pro-Sportsmen Bills Pass Senate, Move to House – Action Needed

Three bills of interest to sportsmen have passed the Senate. These bills are now in the House of Representatives for further consideration.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, March 8, at 9 a.m. in House Hearing Room 4, Senate Bill 1096 is scheduled to be heard by the House Judiciary Committee. Gun-control extremists are using every possible avenue to disarm law-abiding sportsmen and gun owners, however, Arizona’s pro-sportsmen legislators are pushing back with Senate Bill 1096.

Senate Bill 1096 prohibits a public entity from entering into a contract of $100,000 or more with businesses unless the contract includes a written certification that the business does not, and will not, discriminate against a firearm entity or firearm trade association.

Please use our take action button to email the members of the committee urging them to protect firearm businesses, sportsmen, and gun owners in the Grand Canyon state by SUPPORTING SB 1096.

The following two bills have also been transmitted to the House of Representatives. These bills do not have a committee date set yet, but the Sportsmen’s Alliance will info you when action is needed.

Senate Bill 1194 allows a licensed veterinarian to appoint a person who is not a licensed veterinarian as a certified rabies vaccinator and prescribes requirements for training and licensing.

Senate Bill 1428 strengthens Arizona’s firearm preemption law to prevent localities from prohibiting gun shows from operating.

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