Arkansas: Working Animal Protection Hearing Tomorrow, March 9

In 2021, Arkansas took a huge step in protecting sportsmen and hunting with the enactment of the “Working Animal Protection Act.” This law helps ensure that hunting with dogs is protected from patchwork municipal ordinances being enacted across the state.

Tomorrow, March 9, at 10:00 am in room 309 of the State Capitol, the Senate Agriculture, Forestry, and Economic Development Committee is scheduled to take public testimony on Senate Bill 339.

SB 339 strengthens the “Working Animal Protection Act,” by extending the protections of the original statute to county-level actions.  As with the statute, SB 339 prohibits a county from enacting an ordinance that terminates, bans, or creates an undue hardship relating to the job or use of a working animal or animal enterprise in commerce, service, legal hunting, agriculture, husbandry, transportation, ranching, entertainment, education, or exhibition.

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