California: Animal Extremists, New Litigation Tool to Bring More Lawsuits Passes Committee

Unfortunately, yesterday, March 14, the Assembly Judiciary Committee unanimously passed Assembly Bill 554, a bill that turns the justice system completely on its head in the name of “animal welfare.” AB 554 has now been referred to the Assembly Banking and Finance Committee, but a hearing date has not yet been scheduled. The Sportsmen’s Alliance will be monitoring this legislation and will inform you when action is needed.

As previously reported, AB 554 lowers due process standards by giving animal welfare organizations new powers to file in civil court (not criminal) against an individual they argue is violating animal welfare laws.

Animal rights extremists have not been shy about their feelings on animal ownership and hunting, they simply want to end the use of dogs in the hunting community. And they obviously have no qualms about undermining due process protections within our judicial system.

Make sure you share this message with your family, friends, and fellow sportsmen and urge them to take action when the time comes. California needs all its sportsmen and all animal owners to make sure the legislature hears the opposition to AB 554.

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