Delaware Moves Forward with Barking Bill

On Wednesday, May 4, the Delaware House Health and Human Development Committee will hold a hearing on House Bill 378, legislation to fine owners for a dog that barks more than 15 minutes. Included is a mandate requiring police departments to enforce the law. The only exemptions given in the bill are for dogs barking at intruders and dogs who are provoked.

Obviously, a dog baying or barking during a hunt would be subject to violation. Fines for violating the legislation are $100 for a first offense, $200 for a second offense and $300 for each offense after that.

“This legislation is absurd and entirely unnecessary, there are already nuisance laws on the books that address animals that are causing a problem,” said Dillon Barto, manager of state services at the Sportsmen’s Alliance.

Delaware Sportsmen should oppose this legislation by contacting these members of the House Health and Human Development Committee:

Chairman David Bentz: [email protected]

Vice Chair Melissa Minor-Brown: [email protected]

Representative Paul S. Baumbach: [email protected]

Representative Ruth Briggs King: [email protected]

Representative Nnamdi Chukwuocha: [email protected]

Representative Richard Collins: [email protected]

Representative Debra J. Heffernan: [email protected]

Representative Kevin Hensley: [email protected]

Representative Kendra Johnson: [email protected]

Representative John A. Kowalko: [email protected]

Representative Sean Lynn: [email protected]

Representative Eric Morrison: [email protected]

Representative Charles S. Postles: [email protected]

Representative Bryan Shupe: [email protected]

Representative Michael Smith: [email protected]

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