Texas Exotic Game, Food Bank Bill Headed to Governor!

Texas House Bill 2213, which allows hunters to donate exotic game, such as Axis and fallow deer, to foodbanks, has passed the full senate. Texas Rep. John Frullo’s bill now moves on to Gov. Greg Abbot where it will become law if he signs it.

Take Action! Texas members should contact Gov. Greg Abbott at this link: https://gov.texas.gov/apps/contact/opinion.aspx and urge him to sign HB 2213.

Current Texas law does not allow the donation of exotic game meat to foodbanks. This commonsense legislation will ease the burden that food banks constantly face, especially in times of emergency, such as the recent storms that wreaked havoc on the Lone Star State or COVID-19.

In 2017, a well-known foundation, which had been processing over 100,000 pounds of ground meat for distribution to orphanages, churches and others in need at no charge, was told they could not process and distribute exotic game unless they were granted an exemption. After applying for the exemption to continue to help feed Texans in need, they were denied.

“We were deeply saddened and, quite frankly, downright confused when we found out the foundation would now be limited in their ability to continue to feed children and families in need,” said Joe Betar, Executive Director, Houston Safari Club. “It should not have taken a national pandemic to realize just how important this issue is to the community, and we will work with Rep. Frullo to get this important bill passed.”

In early 2018, the Sportsmen’s Alliance and the Houston Safari Club (HSC) began working together on this important issue. When COVID-19 struck, an emergency exemption was granted, but when the pandemic’s threat eases, the exemption will expire. HB 2213 will provide a permanent exemption, and the Alliance and Houston Safari Club are taking the lead to get this legislation across the finish line.

“The Sportsmen’s Alliance, our members and, I imagine, every Texan applauds Rep. Frullo on this legislation that will help to feed countless men, women and children in need,” said Bruce Tague vice president government affairs at Sportsmen’s Alliance. “This is exactly the type of commonsense legislation that is needed across the country during these trying times.”

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