HSUS and Others Push New Agriculture Secretary to Stop Wildlife Control

The incoming Secretary of the Agriculture is getting pushed by anti’s to stop a key federal program that prevents numerous problems associated with predatory animals. This push highlights the anti-hunting agenda to tar and feather historically effective means of managing wildlife.

On January 2, 2009, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and a wide number of other organizations sent a letter to Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack (D), President- elect Obama’s choice to head the Department of Agriculture. The letter demands the end of lethal control by the Department’s Wildlife Services Program (WS).

When requested by state or local governments, the WS uses a variety of tactics to prevent predator encroachment on urban areas that compromise public safety. The WS also works to prevent economic loss to farmers and the destruction of endangered species as a result of over predation.

While the WS use numerous non-lethal mechanisms for reducing the threats associated with predatory animals, there are times when selectively removing a small number of them is necessary.   According to fact sheets available from the WS, “WS employees strive to remove only the predators that are causing the damage. To accomplish this goal, they direct control methods at only the specific animal or local wildlife population in the area where damage has occurred.”

The coalition argues that the WS program focuses on “methods that are non-selective, haphazard, and brutal” and requests a meeting to discuss the issue with Vilsack.

If antis can stop legitimate forms of wildlife management conducted by wildlife professionals, it sets a precedent that can be used to continue attacks on the rights of sportsmen.