Michigan: Gun-Control Package Moving Quickly – Opposition Needed

Unfortunately, after the 2022 elections, gun-control legislators took control of the Michigan legislature, and they worked quickly to turn Michigan into an anti-gun state.

Last week, the House Judiciary Committee passed the gun-control package of House Bills 4138, 4142, and 4143 out of committee and the House of Representatives immediately passed them 56-53. This package is now in the Senate waiting for further consideration.

House Bills 4144 and 4139 are still in the House Judiciary Committee. At this time, this package has not been scheduled for its next hearing and vote, but the Sportsmen’s Alliance will inform you as soon as this information is made public.

House Bills 4138, 4142, and 4143, and their companion bills, Senate Bills 76, 77, and 78 expand Michigan’s handgun permit-to-purchase system to all firearms. Gun-control advocates argue that requiring a permit-to-purchase on all firearms will help reduce crimes with firearms. The truth is criminals do not legally purchase firearms so how is this legislation supposed to reduce firearm crimes? It won’t. This legislation only adds red tape and paperwork for law-abiding sportsmen and gun owners to contend with.

House Bills 4144 and 4139 and Senate Bills 79 and 80 imposes mandatory storage requirements on firearm owners who reasonably should have known that a firearm is accessible to a minor. If a minor obtains the firearm and inflicts harm with the firearm, and the firearm owner should have known the minor was likely to cause harm, then the firearm owner could face prison time up to 15 years and fines up to $7,500. Michigan already has laws on the books where individuals who recklessly endanger the life of a child can be brought up on charges, so these bills are meant to discriminate against firearm owners rather than solve a legitimate public safety problem.

In the meantime, please use our take action button to email the committee urging them to OPPOSE House Bills 4144 and 4139.


The Senate companions to the House package are still waiting for a vote in the Senate Civil Rights, Judiciary, and Public Safety Committee. If you have not already emailed the committee, there is still time. Please use our take action button to email the committee urging them to OPPOSE Senate Bills 76, 77, and 78 and Senate Bills 79 and 80. Please use both take action buttons to ensure the respective committees receive your opposition to these gun control packages.

Don’t forget to share this message with your family, friends, and fellow sportsmen urging them to also email the committee urging them to OPPOSE these bills.

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