Minnesota: URGENT – Full Senate to Consider Wolf Hunt Ban Tomorrow, April 20!

Anti-hunting forces will attempt to amend the massive environmental spending bill – HF 2310 – with a forever wolf hunt ban when the bill is brought up on the Senate floor for final passage TOMORROW, April 20. HF 2310 was amended with the wolf hunt ban on Monday in the House, but the Senate swapped out the entire bill for Senate omnibus language in committee, so the animal extremists are pushing hard to get the Senate bill amended with the wolf hunt ban once again.

If successfully passed in both chambers and finally agreed to, Minnesota will not have a wolf hunt in the future. The science won’t matter, the data will be irrelevant and whatever the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) recommends will be discarded out of hand.

This is not how to manage wildlife, but this is exactly what the animal extremists want. They want wildlife professionals out of the way. They want legislators who know nothing about wildlife management to make emotional decisions with no consideration of the consequences. They want an extreme protectionist ideology enshrined in state law, and that’s what the wolf hunt ban gives them.

If there was a time for hunters, anglers and trappers to get involved, the time is now. The animal extremists are using wolves to make a mockery of the North American Model and it’s only a matter of time before they set their sights on banning hunts across all species, methods, seasons and other states.

Sportsmen must reach out to their state Senator and ask them to please support effective science-based wildlife management by opposing the wolf hunt ban amendment when it reaches the Senate floor. And let’s not forget that the animal extremists may attempt to put this hunting ban on any legislation, so please remind your Senator to oppose the wolf hunt ban however it reaches the floor for consideration.

Please use our Take Action button below to email to your state Senator without delay by asking them to support you and all sportsmen by opposing all attempts to hijack a big spending bill that shouldn’t include major policy changes such as a hunting ban.

Don’t forget to share this critical alert with your family, friends and fellow sportsmen to take immediate action by contacting their state Senator to OPPOSE any attempt of hijacking HF 2310 to attack sportsmen.

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