Nebraska Exercises Sound Wildlife Management – Forgoes 2015 Mountain Lion Season

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission announced on Thursday, Jan. 15, that there will be no mountain lion season in 2015. The Commission analyzed all available data and scientific evidence, and concluded that a harvest season was not warranted.

The U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance applauds the thorough process that the Game and Parks Commission engaged in to arrive at the decision. “The fact that the commission decided against a mountain lion season this year simply proves that the process works when we leave these decisions in the hands of the professionals,” said Adam Wright, USSA’s associate director of state services. “Sportsmen believe in science and data as the determining factors in these decisions, not politics and rhetoric.”

Despite the commission’s decision, anti-hunting Sen. Ernie Chambers continues his effort to pass legislation that would remove the commission’s authority to make management decisions regarding the state’s mountain lion population. The legislation would ban mountain lion hunting, even if future data collected by the commission justifies another hunting season is necessary to manage the species.

“Hunting is simply a tool for states to utilize, and we will continue to fight for the commission’s authority to retain this tool for future years. The Game and Parks Commission is doing its job right now in the state of Nebraska and should be allowed to make a reasonable decision based upon facts, not anti-hunting rhetoric,” said Wright. “Senator Chambers’ legislation would dismantle this science-based approach and ban hunting as a potential management tool at any point in the future. This is simply anti-hunting politics at its worst.”

Take Action! Nebraska sportsmen must contact their state senators today in opposition to LB 127. Tell them that sportsmen expect the professionals at the Game and Parks Commission to make wildlife management decisions. To find your senator’s phone number, visit USSA’s Legislative Action Center.

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