Oregon: Ban on the Sale of Fur Returns

Animal-rights extremists are back again to ban the sale of fur-lined gloves, hats, ear and hand muffs, shawls, jackets and even home decor. Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 14, the House Economic Development & Small Business Committee has placed House Bill 3390, a bill to ban the sale, offer for sale or trade of fur products, on the work session agenda to re-refer it to the House Judiciary Committee.

HB 3390 is nothing more than kowtowing to animal-rights extremists and their so-called “feel-good” rhetoric. Instead of recognizing that the sale of furs is part of vital wildlife management, anti-sportsmen legislators want to join with animal extremists to decimate the fur trade. The impact of this legislation will be felt far and wide, including any items that utilize fur in production, such as fishing lures, boots or other clothing, jewelry, toys and home accessories.

Not only are these extremist legislators seeking to destroy the proud history of fur, but they evidently want to control citizens by telling them what they can and can’t wear or have available for sale in Oregon.

The Sportsmen’s Alliance will monitor HB 3390 closely and will inform you when it has been placed on the House Judiciary work session agenda.

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