Rhode Island Considers Universal Background Checks on Ammo

The hits keep coming in Rhode Island when it comes to hunting and firearms. On Wednesday, March 30, at 3 p.m., the Rhode Island House Judiciary Committee will hear legislation requiring state or federal background check to purchase any ammunition or reloading components. While the National Instant Criminal Background Check System has “instant” in its name, it can take up to three days to complete. As a result of House Bill 6616, online or mail orders for ammunition would not be possible.

“This proposal would even ban a friend or family member from borrowing ammunition during a hunting trip, unless the recipient passed a background check,” said Dillon Barto, manager of state services at the Sportsmen’s Alliance. “This is more bad policy that foregoes real-world issues and circumstances to push an ideology that doesn’t benefit public safety in any way, shape or form.”

Rhode Island hunters should email members of the House Judiciary Committee:

Chairman Representative Robert Craven: rep-craven@rilegislature.gov
Vice-Chair Representative Jason Knight: rep-knight@rilegislature.gov
Representative Carol Hagan McEntee: rep-mcentee@rilegislature.gov
Representative Edith H. Ajello: rep-ajello@rilegislature.gov
Representative Jose Batista: rep-batista@rilegislature.gov
Representative David A. Bennett: rep-bennett@rilegislature.gov
Representative Justine Caldwell: rep-caldwell@rilegislature.gov
Representative Julie Casimiro: rep-casimiro@rilegislature.gov
Representative Arthur J. Corvese: rep-corvese@rilegislature.gov
Representative Leonela Felix: rep-felix@rilegislature.gov
Representative John J. Lombardi: rep-lombardi@rilegislature.gov
Representative Thomas Noret: rep-noret@rilegislature.gov
Representative David Place: Rep-place@rilegislature.gov
Representative Sherry Roberts: rep-roberts@rilegislature.gov
Representative Camille Vella Wilkinson: rep-vella-wilkinson@rilegislature.gov

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