Rhode Island: Fur Trapping Under Attack – Action Needed

If animal rights extremist have their way, a Valentine’s day gift of fur-lined gloves, hats, ear & hand muffs, shawls, jackets, or even home decor will no longer be an option.  Tomorrow, Valentine’s Day, February 14, the House Committee on Judiciary is scheduled to hear a bill that will decimate all fur trade in Rhode Island, leaving trappers and others who rely on fur products with no way to sustain their activities.

HB 5258 bans the sale, display for sale, trade or otherwise distribution of fur products, with very limited exceptions. The impact will be felt far and wide, including any items that utilize fur in production, such as fishing lures, boots or other clothing, jewelry, toys, and home accessories.

This bill is nothing more than kowtowing to animal-rights extremists and their so-called “feel-good” rhetoric. Instead of recognizing that the sale of furs is part of vital wildlife management, anti-sportsmen legislators want to join with animal extremists to decimate the fur trade. Not only are these extremist legislators wanting to destroy the proud history of fur, but they evidently want to engage in politics by telling citizens what they can and can’t wear or have available for sale in Rhode Island.

Please use our take action button to email the members of the Committee urging them to OPPOSE HB 5258. It is important that you forward this message to your family, friends, and fellow sportsmen asking them to also take action. The committee members need to know that HB 5258 only works to destroy America’s outdoor heritage.