Rhode Island: Hunting Ban Bill Hearing Tomorrow, February 6 – Action Needed

On Tuesday, February 6, at the Rise of the House, in room 101 of the State House, the House Environment & Natural Resources Committee is scheduled to consider House Bill 7294. HB 7294, identical to last years, Senate Bill 607 and House Bill 5864, prohibits hunting where “man-made structures and/or natural barriers” are designed to limit an animal’s free movement. It is anybody’s guess what this means, but obviously includes roads, rivers, streams, hills, canals, fences, and an infinite multitude of other “obstacles” that exist everywhere in the state.

Rhode Island cannot continue to let animal extremists return year after year working to take small increments that will only lead to the cratering of Rhode Island’s hunting and outdoor traditions and heritage. Please use our Take Action Button to email the members of the House Environment & Natural Resources Committee urging them to OPPOSE HB 7294. Ask the committee to stop playing politics with animal extremists and support Rhode Island’s sportsmen.


Don’t forget to share this important alert with your family, friends, and fellow sportsmen urging them to also email the committee urging them to support Rhode Island’s hunting tradition by OPPOSING HB 7294.

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