Victory! Nevada Commission Votes to Uphold Bear Hunting with Hounds

The Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners voted 5-2 against a citizen petition that would have prohibited bear hunting with hounds. The Sportsmen’s Alliance and our Nevada members contacted the commission and urged them to vote no on the measure.

Big-game hunting with hounds has long been supported by the Sportsmen’s Alliance and by science-based wildlife conservation efforts. The use of hounds allows sportsmen more time to evaluate animals to better gauge age and sex or the presence of cubs so selective harvest remains closer to management goals. Additionally, after an evaluation, houndsmen can easily pull dogs from the chase, releasing the bear.

“This is a key victory for houndsmen across the country as it affirms big-game hunting with hounds is appropriate and necessary,” said Jacob Hupp, associate director of state services. “Animal-rights groups opposed to hunting with hounds contribute very little to wildlife conservation efforts and try to inject emotion into their arguments. It is comforting to see that the Nevada Wildlife Commission will not be bullied and are willing to protect the rights of Nevada sportsmen.”

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