Washington D.C. Fur Ban Bill Defeated!

The “Fur Products Prohibition Act of 2022” failed to move through the D.C. 2022 legislative process and is considered defeated.

As previously reported, Bill 24-0758 outlawed the sale of fur products throughout D.C. with exemptions for taxidermy and leather. This ban would have left trappers and others who rely on fur products as a business with no way to sustain their activities. The impacts would have been felt far and wide, including on all-fur products and any items that use fur in production, such as fishing lures, boots, gloves or other clothing, jewelry and toys.

Rest assured, the Sportsmen’s Alliance will be monitoring the 2023 session and working to protect the rights of sportsmen throughout our nation’s capital. Please check your inbox and www.sportsmensalliance.org for updates as the legislative session progresses. Don’t forget to pass this information on to your family, friends, and fellow sportsmen and urge them sign-up for updates and join the Sportsmen’s Alliance.

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