Protect Washington Hunting!

The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission is moving full speed to break the North American Model of Conservation and end hunting in the state. Gov. Inslee’s anti-hunting and animal-rights appointments have a large majority on the commission and chair the most important committees. They’ve ended spring bear hunting and have floated the ideas of ending beaver trapping, hunter access to wildlife refuges to protect snow geese and now they’re talking about further protecting bears and mountain lions with greater regulations during the falls seasons while turning all elk hunting into a draw-only permit system statewide. Their call for use of “social sciences” and new Conservation Plan will spell the end of actual scientific wildlife management.

They’re doing this with the full backing of the power of the governor, and the legislature refuses to rectify the illegal manner in which they’re interpreting law when crafting policy. If the governor and legislature won’t stop this rogue commission, we must turn to the third branch of government for law and order – the courts.

Your donation today will help protect hunting, fishing and trapping as intended as part of North American Model of Conservation in Washington. We must all act now if we’re to save hunting in Washington.

Thank you for your support.