Brian Lynn

Brian LynnVice President of Communications and Marketing

A two-decade veteran of the outdoors communication universe, Lynn has served as senior editor at ESPN Outdoors/BASS and Outdoor Life magazine, as well as editor of the state-based Texas Fishing and Hunting News magazine, as a freelance writer and consultant. At, he oversaw the Conservation and Sporting Dog sections. Those duties allowed him to work with the industry’s leading conservation organizations, from which he gained a great understanding of the biological needs and interactions of many game species, as well as the sportsman’s role in the North American Wildlife Management model. Lynn’s passion for the breeding, training and hunting of sporting dogs has allowed him to work with the country’s best trainers and breeders of working dogs, experiences that he related to his followers as the gun dog editor for Outdoor Life. Lynn’s passion for all forms of hunting, fishing and conservation, as well as his unique and deep experience in both print and online communication bring an innovative and cutting-edge leader to Sportsmen’s Alliance.


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