Host An Event

Are you interested in hosting your own Trailblazer Program event?

We would love to help you introduce youth and their families to the outdoors!

For a full description of each event and it’s included activities, click here!

Please read the requirements and fill out the form below to start on your path to hosting your own event!

  1. All participants must (parent/guardian if under the age of consent) sign a Waiver and Release of Liability that releases the Sportsmen’s Alliance and Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation and its Trailblazer program, staff, officers, directors, and volunteers from liability from their participation in the event.
  2. Promote the event as a Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation Trailblazer Adventure Program to potential members, current members and families within the area.
    1. school open houses, newsletters, flyers, direct mail
  3. Provide ample staff and volunteer support for the Trailblazer Adventure Day.
  4. Proof of event insurance. Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation will also provide.
  5. Furnish a safe suitable site capable of conducting the agreed upon outdoor activities (camp, sportsmen’s club, state park, military facility)
  6. Host is responsible for any permits (operational, health code, demonstrations, exhibit, etc.).
  7. Provide a free lunch & drink to all staff, help, and volunteers on event day.
  8. Agree that Trailblazer has the right to issue pre- and post-event news releases without prior consent from the host organization. This includes news releases, photos, and video from the event in both print and electronic media.

*This form serves as an interest in hosting form only and does not confirm or serve as final documentation to host a Trailblazer event. Trailblazer staff will contact the submitter upon receiving this form.