ALERT! Connecticut Bill Allows Sunday Hunting on Private Land

Take action today! Connecticut members should contact their State Representative and let them know the many positive impacts of House Bill 5499. Sportsmen can contact their representatives by using the Sportsmen’s Alliance Legislative Action Center.

New legislation would make Connecticut the 42nd state to permit Sunday hunting on privately owned property. House Bill 5499, which has been referred to the House Committee on Environment, if passed, would break the decades-old prohibition that does not even allow a person to hunt on their own property.

Currently, hunting on Sunday in Connecticut may only occur on licensed bird hunting facilities, and only then with the permission of the local town. These prohibitions make Connecticut one of the most restrictive states for Sunday hunting. While many past attempts to remove the ban concentrated on bowhunting, House Bill 5499 would open the opportunity for all methods of hunting, including firearms.  

With six-day work weeks becoming more common every year, the ban on Sunday hunting does real damage to the future of hunting, and the ability to bring new hunters into the field. Removing the ban respects the rights of property owners to decide what occurs on their own land. It facilitates easier recruitment of young hunters who often have packed social schedules. It will also sell more hunting licenses, which would pump more money into wildlife and habitat conservation.

“The Sportsmen’s Alliance thanks Rep. Skulczyck for introducing House Bill 5499,” said Luke Houghton, associate director of state services for the Sportsmen’s Alliance. “We encourage Connecticut sportsmen to communicate with their legislators about the importance of this bill for the economy, for conservation and for the freedom to choose what occurs on your own property on a given day.” 

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