Georgia: Credit Card Privacy Bill Passes Committee

On Thursday, Feb. 8, the House Banks and Banking Committee passed House Bill 1018, a bill to protect the credit card privacy rights of sportsmen. The next assignment for HB 1018 has not been posted. Please keep an eye on your inbox, as we will continue to monitor HB 1018 and alert you when the next call to action is needed.

As previously reported, gun control extremists are using every possible avenue to disarm law-abiding sportsmen and gun owners, including how to uncover personal identifying information on who owns firearms in America.

Georgia’s pro-sportsmen legislators working to ensure this does not happen in the Peach State.  HB 1018 prohibits a financial entity from using a firearms merchant category code to distinguish a firearms retailer from other retailers and prohibits persons or government entities from keeping registries of firearms or owners of firearms.

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