Maryland Bill Expands Sunday Hunting in Queen Anne’s County

***UPDATE! House Bill 225 recently recently passed out of the Maryland House by a vote 124-6! It has moved to the senate where it awaits a committee referral.***

Maryland Delegate Steven Arentz has introduced legislation that will expand Sunday hunting opportunities on private land in Queen Anne’s county. House Bill 225 would allow Sunday hunting of small game, turkeys and game birds, while also expanding the number of archery deer hunting days.

Take Action! Maryland members should contact their delegate and urge them to support House Bill 225. Maryland members can find their legislators by using the Sportsmen’s Alliance Legislative Action Center.

Currently, only limited deer hunting on Sundays is allowed in Queen Anne’s County. HB 225 would open additional hunting opportunities on private land by allowing hunting every Sunday during the deer archery season. Under the bill, migratory bird hunting is prohibited on Sundays statewide, but turkey, blackbirds, crows, pheasant, quail and ruffed grouse would be allowed.

“While we would like to see Sunday hunting opened on both public and private land in Queen Anne’s County, this legislation is another step in the right direction,” said Jacob Hupp associate director of state services at the Sportsmen’s Alliance. “Sportsmen and women in the county should welcome the opportunity to pursue game birds and small game on Sundays and enjoy expanded Sunday deer-archery opportunities on a traditional non-workday on private lands.”

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