Massachusetts Bill Severely Restricts Dog Breeding, Kennels, and Sales

In response to tragic events at a “doggy daycare” facility, Massachusetts Senators are preparing to vote on the most draconian dog owner restrictions in the entire country. Senate Bill 1322 includes several major legislative overreaches:

  • The state will make rules about what constitutes “responsible” breeding that will also be subject to the inspections, even though the bill does not define responsible breeding practices.
  • Allow cities and towns to determine how many dogs a person applying for a kennel license may keep.
  • Require inspections, announced and unannounced of licensed facilities, and allows for publication of the findings online.
  • Requires the state to create rules on dog housing and dog handling.
  • Mandates licensees complete training on dog handling, body language, behavior, and socialization.
  • Prohibits the selling of dogs on roadsides, flea markets, and other public areas.

“Senate Bill 1322 is a major infringement on the rights of law-abiding dog owners in the entire country,” observed Todd Adkins, Vice President of Government Affairs for the Sportsmen’s Alliance, which represents many sporting dog owners. “These restrictions apply to commercial kennels and to hobby breeders as well as boarding and training kennels, including those that service sportsmen and women who are seeking hunting dog training.”

Massachusetts sportsmen and women should contact their state Representatives and state Senators asking them to vote NO on SB 1322.  Our voices must be heard. Please go to our Legislative Action Center to find your elected officials. As terrible as these tragedies are, we must fight this vast over-reaching bill.

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