Massachusetts to Hold Hearing that Includes Multiple Anti-Sportsmen Bills

The state of Massachusetts is packing multiple pieces of anti-sportsmen legislation into a hearing very late in the legislative cycle. There are seven bills that would negatively impact sportsmen. These bills have sat idle for seven months but now will be heard on Wednesday, Nov. 17, at 2 p.m. in the Joint Committee and Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture Committee.

Take Action Today! Massachusetts members should contact the office of the Joint Committee and Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture and urge the Chairs to oppose all seven bills.

Phone: Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture:  617-722-1555

Tell them you oppose House Bills 384, 965, 888 and Senate Bills 230, 585, 551, and 623.


Virtual Testimony: Members wanting to testify during the virtual hearing on Nov. 17 must complete this form before 5p.m. Monday, Nov. 15, 2021.

  • H 888 would ban hunting and trapping as a means to address overpopulated wildlife areas. Worse yet, the bill would also mandate that the state follow local wildlife ordinances that could be even more restrictive.
  • S 585 outrageously expands the definition of a “kennel” to any dog owner who breeds one or more dogs on personal property whether they are sold or not. It would subject them to annual inspections, more stringent rules, regulations, higher costs, and will expand the number of state-regulated facilities to unmanageable numbers.
  • S 551 seeks to create an animal advisory board packed with animal-rights, shelter and rescue organizations. The new board would advise the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) on dog-related issues, including animal-control officers and inspections. Although the bill mandates the inclusion of animal-welfare organizations, there are no slots for hobby or sporting dog breeders.
  • S 623 and H 965 are companion bills that will ban the sale of fur products. This is a backdoor attempt to ban trapping.
  • H 384 and S 230 are companion bills that will force licensed pet shops to only sell animals that have been received from an animal shelter or animal rescue organization.

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