Montana: Hunting Bills on the Move, Senate Hearing Jan. 24

Tomorrow, Jan. 24, the Senate Fish and Game is scheduled to take testimony on House Bill 133 and House Bill 162.

As previously reported, House Bill 133 makes it easier for non-resident college students to get a hunting license by streamlining the licensing process to allow non-resident college students to purchase hunting and fishing licenses online.

House Bill 162 will let Montana’s hunters take another step into the digital age. Currently, game animals and wild turkeys may be electronically tagged. HB 162 will extend that electronic step to any species that requires a carcass tag.

Montana has a strong hunting heritage, and both of these bills will help enhance and strengthen that heritage. Please use our Take Action button below to email the members of the committee with a single click using a pre-written email that urges them to support HB 133 and HB 162 when they come up for a vote.

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