Montana: Hunting Bills Scheduled for Jan. 5 Hearing

The 2023 Montana legislature is getting right to work early in this session. On Jan. 5, House Bill 133, a bill to make it easier for non-resident college students to get hunting licenses, is scheduled to be heard by the House Fish, Wildlife, and Parks committee at 3 p.m. in hearing room 172.

In 2021, Gov. Gianforte signed HB 647 into law, allowing non-resident college students to purchase hunting and fishing licenses at a discounted cost. But HB 647 required the student to present a valid student ID at any department regional office or the department headquarters in Helena.

HB 133 streamlines the process by allowing non-resident college students to purchase hunting and fishing licenses online.

Please use the Take Action button below to email the members of the House Fish, Wildlife and Parks committee urging them to support HB 133.

The Sportsman’s Alliance is also monitoring two other bills scheduled in the committee, House Bill 42 and House Bill 74.

HB 42 allows qualified Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department employees to carry firearms to perform their assigned duties.

HB 74 removes the requirement that the upland game bird enhancement program fund bird releases.

The Sportsmen’s Alliance will continue to update you as these bills move through the legislative process.

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