Nevada: 2023 Legislative Session Adjourns with Big Wins

Yesterday, the Nevada 2023 legislative session adjourned sine die. This means the regular legislative session is completed for the year.

This year, there were not many sportsmen-related bills introduced, but the ones that were progressing through the legislative process would have had serious effects on sportsmen. Thanks to our members and supporters, these bills were amended or defeated.

Senate Bill 269 originally would have prohibited the tethering of dogs for all hunting and training activities. After receiving numerous concerns from the sportsmen’s community, the bill sponsor submitted Amendment 667, returning the exemption relating to hunting and training activities back to its original status written in law.

Assembly Bill 102, a bill to ban coyote contests while levying huge fines against those who organize them, was defeated.

Assembly Bill 355 would have prohibited those under 21 from handling or possessing a semiautomatic rifle or shotgun (even while hunting). AB 355 was vetoed by Gov. Joe Lombardo.

Even though the 2023 legislative session is over, the Sportsmen’s Alliance will continue to monitor activities in the Silver State as you never know when issues that sportsmen need to be aware of may arise.

You can view the bills the Sportsmen’s Alliance was monitoring during the legislative session on our legislative map. Please share this message with your family and friends as sportsmen throughout Nevada must continue to stay actively involved in defending our hunting, fishing, and trapping heritage for present and future generations to enjoy.

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