New Hampshire Bill Says “No Dogs Outside … Almost Ever”

Unless you are prepared to invest in a dog house that meets building code standards created by the state, a new bill in New Hampshire would make it illegal to leave your dog outside for more than 30 minutes, even in a fenced in backyard!

State Representative Katherine Rogers’ legislation, which is modeled after similar bills introduced in other states, would also make it a crime to leave a dog outside more than 15 minutes when the temperature is below 32 degrees, even if there is shelter provided.

Take Action Today! New Hampshire sportsmen should contact their state representative and ask them to vote NO on HB 1389.  Members can use the Sportsmen’s Alliance Legislative Action Center Directory to contact their state representative.

House Bill 1389 specifies that dog shelters must be 3 inches above the ground and include an 8-inch overhang above its entrance. The bill makes no allowance for breeds of dogs that are accustomed to colder weather, or for sporting dogs and working dogs which must be acclimated to colder weather to safely perform their duties. Under HB 1389, a person who lets their dog outside in the backyard for more than 30 minutes on a 70-degree day would be breaking the law unless they had a doghouse that meets state standards. Repeat violators of this new language would be charged with felony animal cruelty!

“Any person familiar with hunting and sporting dogs knows that a key component to keeping them safe and healthy is the ability to acclimate them to conditions that they will encounter in the field,” said Bruce Tague vice president government affairs for Sportsmen’s Alliance. “In addition, criminalizing keeping a dog in the backyard on a nice day is insane.” 

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