New Hampshire: Protect Sporting/Hunting Dog Breeders, Possible Vote, Tomorrow

Animal rights activists are working to label all dog breeders as puppy mills.  As we have been reporting, House Bill 1680 redefines retail pet stores to include anyone with a physical facility who “transfers” more than thirty (30) dogs per year at retail.  HB 1680 does not stop there. The bill also caps these newly redefined “retail pet stores” to “transferring” the number of dogs at the same number “transferred” in 2023, prohibits the sale of the “retail pet stores” to only family members, AND requires future “retail pet stores” to source dogs from ONLY animal shelters.

HB 1680 is scheduled for Executive Session and a possible vote by the House Environment and Agriculture Committee tomorrow, Tuesday, February 6th, at 10:00 a.m., in room 301-303.

Sportsmen cannot stand by and let animal rights activists destroy our reputable sporting/hunting dog breeders. Please use our Take Action button below to email the members of the committee urging them to OPPOSE HB 1680.  New Hampshire already has laws on the books regarding puppy mills, and HB 1680 will only add more red tape and restrictions, pushing small respectable breeders, including your sporting/hunting breeder, out of existence throughout the Granite State.


Don’t forget to share this alert with your family, friends, fellow sportsmen, and fellow dog enthusiasts and ask them also to take action to protect sporting/hunting dog breeders by emailing the members of the committee urging them to OPPOSE HB 1680.

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