New Mexico: Firearm Owner Liability Bill to be Heard Jan. 24

Prevention of child access to firearms is a serious subject and is not taken lightly. Anti-gun proponents in New Mexico are using children and taking advantage of the unlawful actions of others to push their agenda with House Bill 9 to restrict and, ultimately, ban firearms throughout New Mexico.

Tomorrow, Jan. 24, the House Consumer & Public Affairs Committee at 1:30 p.m. in room 317 of the State Capitol will hear House Bill 9.

House Bill 9 creates a fourth-degree felony penalty for a person who keeps or stores a firearm in a manner that negligently disregards a minor’s ability to access that firearm and the minor accesses that firearm and uses it in a manner that causes great bodily harm to, or death of the minor or another person. If the minor displays or brandishes the firearm in a threatening manner or causes injury to himself or another person not resulting in great bodily harm or death, the person is guilty of a misdemeanor.

New Mexico already has strict laws holding adults accountable for child endangerment. That law states that it is a felony for a responsible person to knowingly, intentionally, or negligently, and without justifiable cause, cause or permit a child to be placed in a situation that may endanger the child’s life or health.  HB 9 just adds another law to the books, instead of enforcing the current child endangerment law. It is meant to harass and threaten law-abiding firearm owners into giving up their right to self-defense and to hunt with a firearm of their choice.

Please use our take action button below to email the members of the committee and respectfully ask them to OPPOSE HB 9. Don’t forget to forward this email to your family, friends and fellow sportsmen, urging them to take action and to sign-up for updates and join the Sportsmen’s Alliance for regular updates and action items.

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