Oregon: Epicenter of the New Vegan World Order

Oregon’s Initiative Petition 13 would push the state to the cusp of a vegan utopia. Under the initiative, killing of an animal, any animal, would only be legal in the act of self-defense. Hunting, slaughtering of livestock, fishing, trapping, scientific research, wildlife management or even vermin or pest control of any kind would constitute animal abuse. Breeding of domestic animals, such as cats or dogs, or any livestock would constitute sexual assault of an animal. Rodeos and other exhibitions, or even the transport, training or handling of animals, would result in animal abuse charges.

Here it is folks, the new world order. This is the radical animal-rights movement’s dream that criminalizes any killing, or even use, of an animal spelled out in black-and-white law. Killing a cockroach or mouse could get you a felony and five years in prison.

Initiative Petition 13, deceptively titled the “Abuse, Neglect, and Assault Exemption Modification and Improvement Act,” completely removes every legitimate protection related to animal use in modern society – from livestock breeding, rearing, transport and slaughter to any act related to fishing, hunting or trapping.

This utopia for out-of-touch animal-rights activists is a dystopia for everyone else. It would be laughable if it wasn’t taking place where the major voting bloc prides itself on being weird.

“Keep Portland Weird” is the unofficial motto of Portland, as well as the informal mantra of the city’s residents. There are enough “weirdos” in the city pushing their fascination with being abnormal to actually threaten legitimate society. In a state with approximately 4.2 million residents, Portland proper has nearly 650,000 residents, many of whom revel in a modern-day counterculture of homelessness, drug use and chaos. The greater Portland metropolitan area has approximately 2.4 million residents living in the concrete jungle lining the Columbia River.

Most of those folks are sane people who keep their distance from Portland proper and shake their head in disgust at what the city has become in the last decade or so. But, with a large enough anchor of people holding anti-societal views, along with a deceptive ballot title, there’s a chance Portland could succeed in claiming the World’s Weirdest City award with the qualifying of Initiative Petition 13.

Proponents of the initiative have until July 8, 2022 to collect 112,000 valid signatures for it be eligible for the November 2022 ballot. In a city of 650,000, many of whom pride themselves on epitomizing anti-societal views, that’s not a stretch. And once it qualifies for the ballot, the Humane Society of the United States or another vegan-ideology-pushing group with deep pockets can easily fund media buys that spin the intent and reach of the ballot initiative.

If it weren’t for Portland, this absurdity wouldn’t even be realistic. Outside of this one city, Oregon is mostly rural, with reasonable people working in small cities and towns with a close connection to agriculture, logging, ranching, hunting and fishing.

Portland threatens those people’s lives and livelihoods, as well as the societal structure of everyone in the state – from food security to public health, every facet of life would come to a near-screeching halt. Of course, Initiative Petition 13 is insanity that would be impossible to enforce, but the realities of life outside of the concrete jungle of the city of weirdness matter little to many of its most absurd residents who would happily embrace this vegan utopia.

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