Pennsylvania Senate Passes Limited Sunday Hunting Bill

The day before the Pennsylvania Senate approved Sunday Hunting legislation, bill sponsor Sen. Dan Laughlin asked his fellow Senators to amend Senate Bill 147 to permit just three Sundays. Originally, the bill would have given the Pennsylvania Game Commission the authority to manage the issue and make the final determination as to how many, and which, Sundays to open. However, facing opposition from the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau Federation, many senators balked at being caught between sportsmen and the agricultural organization unless the bill was narrowed. The amendment was approved by a vote of 38-12.

CALL NOW! Pennsylvania hunters need to contact their State Representative and to ask them to vote yes on Senate Bill 147, which will allow Sunday hunting. Sportsmen can contact their state representatives by using the Sportsmen’s Alliance Action Center Directory

The newly amended Senate Bill 147 would open one Sunday during deer gun season, and one Sunday during archery season. The bill would permit the Pennsylvania Game Commission to determine one additional Sunday to open. The Senate passed the bill 36-14, sending it to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. 

“We’re very happy to see Sunday hunting legislation finally move forward in Pennsylvania after working hard on this issue for so many years,” said Bruce Tague vice president of government affairs for Sportsmen’s Alliance. “This bill is a good first step, however, it is disappointing to see the bill limited to just a handful of days, and it’s hard not to feel like this bill falls short of what sportsmen and women in Pennsylvania truly deserve. We will continue to work to expand these opportunities moving forward.”  

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