Pittman-Robertson Expansion Bill Passed Out of Committee

With so much negativity coming out of our nation’s capitol, it’s nice to have some good news from Washington, D.C. HR 877, also known as the “Modernizing the Pittman-Robertson Fund for Tomorrow’s Needs Act,” passed out of the House Natural Resources Committee unanimously. This legislation expands the types of programs that federal funds can be used for to benefit conservation and, in this case, allow more funds to be directed toward efforts to increase hunting participation and retention. 

The Pittman-Robertson Act was approved by Congress in 1937 to provide funding to restore and improve wildlife habitat, as well as funding for wildlife management research. In 1970, the act was amended to allow the funds to be used for construction of public shooting ranges and hunter education programs. States receive funds based upon the number of hunting licenses sold in their respective states. 

Should HR 877 be enacted, state fish and game agencies will be able to utilize Pittman-Robertson funds to promote hunting, target shooting and educate the public on the role that hunting and recreational shooting play in funding wildlife conservation. Additionally, funds can also be used to enhance access for hunting and recreational shooting.

“For decades, Pittman Robertson dollars have been earmarked for many beneficial projects that support conservation,” said Bruce Tague vice president of government affairs for Sportsmen’s Alliance. “This legislation recognizes the challenges facing hunting and, by extension, the financial underpinning of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. It will also allow states to utilize these dollars to implement and support activities to attract and retain hunters. We call on Congress to move quickly on this important measure.”   

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