Vermont’s Sportsmen’s Bill of Rights Under Attack

Driven by an anti-gun advocacy group that is cherry-picking cities to exploit, Burlington’s Board of Health wants to pass a resolution to DEMAND the repeal of Vermont’s firearm preemption law, also known as the Vermont Sportsmen’s Bill of Rights, at the state legislature.

This Monday, November 7th, Monday, in the Contois Auditorium or remotely via Zoom at 5:00 pm, and following in the footsteps of the town of Woodstock approving this type of resolution, the Burlington City Council will be meeting to hear and vote on the Resolution on Gun Violence Prevention.

The Sportsmen’s Bill of Rights protects Vermont’s outdoor heritage by not allowing towns, cities, or incorporated villages to enact resolutions, ordinances, or other enactments directly regulating the possession, ownership, transportation, transfer, sale, purchase, carrying, licensing, or registration of firearms, ammunition, or components of firearms or ammunition. This keeps Vermont from having a patchwork of confusing local laws throughout the state which can create instant criminals out of law-abiding citizens.

The anti-gun advocacy group has been quoted saying in the VTDigger, “We’d like to start in a few communities to sort of build a critical mass to get some support going at the Statehouse” and are looking to head to Montpelier and Winooski. We cannot let this happen in the Green Mountain State.

Use the TAKE ACTION button below to contact the Burlington City Council urging them to OPPOSE the Resolution on Gun Violence Prevention.  Don’t forget to pass this information on to your family, friends, and fellow sportsmen and woman to do the same.

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