NDA’S Coffee & Deer Podcast


In this episode, Nick and The Doctor are joined by Brian Lynn to talk about the latest efforts of animal rights extremists to severely limit or stop hunting altogether. They also discuss the dangers of ballot box biology and why it’s typically not a good idea to have voters decide important issues that impact wildlife conservation.

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We Can Win!

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Lone Star Outdoor Show

Ep. 712:

As we’ve documented, Colorado is attempting to ban ALL mountain lion hunting by ballot initiative this November. Associate Director of Communications and passionate houndsman Naomi Hersh joins us this week to help explain why Colorado Parks and Wildlife made the decision to do away with the spring season and electronic calls.

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The Broadside Podcast

Episode #27

Andy Elliot is joined by Kelsey Ross of the Conservation Coalition of Washington and Brian Lynn of Sportsmen’s Alliance after the latest fundraiser in Washington state to support the legal battles for sportsmen. Listen for a recap on recent events and future fights in Washington.

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Fish Hunt Northwest

Season 5 Show #39

Topics will include- Top 3 steelhead techniques, Oregon wild steelhead retention, and with Brian Lynn, What is the Washington Fish & Wildlife Commission up to now in regard to Bear and Cougar management- This you have to see..

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