America Outdoors Radio Podcast

Episode: May 8, 2023

John Kruse with talks with Brian Lynn from the Sportsmen’s Alliance  about the rash of bad bills around the United States affecting hunters and gun owners.

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The Western Huntsman Podcast

Bonus! The Sportsmen’s Alliance Lawsuit Against Lorna Smith, with Brian Lynn

Anti-hunting activist Lorna Smith has been operating as a commissioner on the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission since 2021, and doing so illegally. Finally, a sportsmen organization has stepped up to the plate to do something about it.

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Petersen’s Hunting Adventures

Episode #35

This week, Joe Ferronato sits down with Brian Lynn from the Sportmen’s Alliance. The two talk about myriad of issues facing hunters and anglers across the country. Anti-hunting groups are attacking our way of life and the Sportmen’s Alliance is at the forefront of the battle against them. The two discuss game commissions, lawsuits, endangered species, hunts ending and much more.

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Lone Star Outdoor Show

Episode 664: One Western State Aims to Strip Citizens of Popular Hunting Firearms

Sportsmen’s Alliance VP Brian Lynn returns this week to discuss his home state of Washington and the new anti-hunting management plan from the game commission. Then we move to New Mexico where legislation would ultimately make anyone who doesn’t turn in certain handguns, rifles or shotguns a felon.

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UKC Hunting Ops Podcast

Episode 30: Interview with Sportsmen’s Alliance

In this week’s episode, Allen Gingerich and UKC Vice President Todd Kellam sit down with Todd Adkins, the Vice President of Government Affairs with Sportsmen’s Alliance. We talk about a variety of topics relevant to UKC dog owners and hunters, including the way Sportsmen’s Alliance goes about their advocacy, how and where you can get involved, and a lot more. Make sure you give this one a listen!

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