New Mexico: Gun Control Bills Could be Voted on this Week

Yesterday, Jan 30, House Bill 9 and Senate Bill 116 passed through their respective committees. Both bills negatively affect New Mexico’s law-abiding sportsmen and gun owners, and your elected officials in Santa Fe need to know you are opposed to them. Please use both our take action buttons below to ensure your opposition is heard to HB 9 and SB 116.

Please use our take action button to email your state Representative urging him/her to OPPOSE House Bill 9 on the House Floor.

As previously reported, House Bill 9 creates a fourth-degree felony penalty for a person who keeps or stores a firearm in a manner that negligently disregards a minor’s ability to access that firearm and the minor accesses that firearm and uses it in a manner that causes great bodily harm to, or death of the minor or another person. If the minor displays or brandishes the firearm in a threatening manner or causes injury to himself or another person not resulting in great bodily harm or death, the person is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Senate Bill 116 passed the Senate Health and Public Affairs committee on a party-line vote and has been sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee. SB 116 not only prohibits the sale of semiautomatic firearms to adults aged 18-20 years old, but it also bans the possession of semiautomatic firearms to adults aged 18-20 years old – with limited exceptions. SB 116 has not been scheduled for a hearing yet, but we will inform you when that information is available.

In the meantime, please use our take action button to email the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee urging them to OPPOSE SB 116.  

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