Temporary Reprieve: Committee Process Stalls on Dog Hunting Ban in Vermont

Vermont Senate Bill 281, a bill to ban the use of dogs to hunt coyotes, was up for a vote in the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Energy today, Feb. 25, but was tabled due to the massive confusion caused by a late “delete all” amendment offered just before the hearing started.

A “delete all” amendment is used to completely replace a bill from beginning to end, so it is critical that concerned citizens have an opportunity to review these amendments before testifying. During the hearing, people wanting to speak were asked to do so without having a chance to review the new language. Such a move is not only bold, it is patently unfair.

But this was not the first time Vermont’s legislative process has devolved into chaos concerning this bill – an earlier “virtual” hearing on SB 281 was an utter washout with technological glitches and confusion throughout. Those testifying were often interrupted or were not heard due to dropped connections or the inability to connect at all. Very little in the way of actual communication took place. In response to today’s mess, SB 281 was tabled until after next week’s short legislative recess, but it is expected to be voted on shortly after legislators return.

Please make your voice heard by contacting the committee members below! Working together, sportsmen can make a difference.

Your message is simple: Vote no on SB 281!

Senator Becca Balint bbalint@leg.state.vt.us (802) 257-4162 (Senate President Pro Tempore)
Senator Chris Bray cbray@leg.state.vt.us (802) 453-3444 (Committee Chairman)
Senator Rich Westman rawestman@gmail.com (802) 644-2297
Senator Mark MacDonald mmacdonald@leg.state.vt.us (802) 272-1101
Senator Brian Campion bcampion@leg.state.vt.us (802) 375-4376
Senator Richard McCormack rmccormack@leg.state.vt.us (802) 793-6417

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