Voices Needed! New York Lead Ammo Ban Remains Pending

Because it is an election year, many state legislatures wrap up early, killing bad proposals as they end session. Unfortunately, a handful of states meet nearly year around, which requires sportsmen to be on guard. New York is one such state.

In April, we alerted sportsmen about Assembly Bill 5728 and Senate Bill 5058. This legislation outlaws the use of traditional lead ammunition for hunting on all state-owned lands. It is important to remember that AB 5728 already passed the Assembly and that it remains pending before the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee and can be taken up at any time.

“We have seen an increase in the number of states pushing to outlaw traditional ammunition and it is vital that hunters make our voices heard by contacting our elected officials,” said Dillon Barto, manager of state services at the Sportsmen’s Alliance. “Laws like this drive up the cost of hunting and shooting, ultimately driving people out of the sport.”

The time is now for New York sportsmen to reach out to their elected officials to oppose Assembly Bill 5728 and Senate Bill 5058. Sportsmen should also contact the members of the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee and encourage them to reject this legislation. Emails should be sent to:

Chairman Senator Todd Kaminsky: kaminsky@nysenate.gov
Senator Peter Harckham: harckham@nysenate.gov
Senator Michelle Hinchey: hinchey@nysenate.gov
Senator Anna Kaplan: kaplan@nysenate.gov
Senator Brian Kavanagh: kavanagh@nysenate.gov
Senator John W. Mannion: mannion@nysenate.gov
Senator Rachel May: may@nysenate.gov
Senator Anthony H. Palumbo: palumbo@nysenate.gov
Senator Patty Ritchie: ritchie@nysenate.gov
Senator Jose M. Serrano: serrano@nysenate.gov
Senator Dan Stec: stec@nysenate.gov

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