California: “Sin” Tax, Credit Card Tracking, & Summer Recess

Last week, Assembly Bill 28 and Assembly Bill 1587 passed their respective policy committees and were referred to the Appropriations Committee. No action is needed at this time as summer recess for the legislature has started and no legislator is going to be interested in reading an email of any sort at this time. When the session reconvenes, we will inform you when action is needed.

If you remember, AB 28, imposes an additional 11% tax on the gross receipt from the retail sale of any firearm, firearm precursor part, or ammunition and establishes the “Gun Violence Prevention, Healing, and Recovery Fund,” and the additional 11% tax will go towards funding. This type of tax, also known as a “sin” tax is levied on specific goods believed to be harmful to society. Gun control advocates are not shy about blaming sportsmen and gun owners for the state’s gun violence issues. AB 28 is just one more item on their wish list to reduce and eliminate firearm ownership in the Golden State.

As we have also reported, AB 1587 was part of a “bait and switch” tactic, meaning it passed its house of origin and the bill sponsor then switched the text of the bill to something completely different.

Originally, a multi-housing bill, AB 1587 as amended requires specified entities that facilitate or process a payment card transaction to track the purchases of firearms and ammunition with a new merchant code. Despite the credit card companies stopping the implementation of this new merchant code, the gun control majority legislature is still pushing forward with AB 1587.

Legislators return to Sacramento on Monday, August 14. Keep an eye on your inbox for our email letting you know when action is needed on AB 28 and AB 1587.

Do not forget to share this important alert with your family, friends, and fellow sportsmen, as the Golden State needs everyone to stay actively involved in defending our hunting, fishing, and trapping heritage for present and future generations to enjoy.

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