California: Credit Card Tracking Bill, Hearing Tomorrow, July 11

The credit card tracking bill, Assembly Bill 1587 is scheduled to be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee tomorrow, Tuesday, July 11 at 9:00 a.m. in room 2100.

AB 1587 as amended requires specified entities that facilitate or process a payment card transaction to track the purchases of firearms and ammunition. As we have reported, in March 2023, in September of 2022, the International Organizations for Standardization (ISO) approved the creation of a new merchant code for firearm retailers to use when their customers use a credit card to purchase firearms and ammunition. In March 2023, the credit card companies decided not to implement the International Organizations for Standardization (ISO) new merchant code to track firearm and ammunition transactions.

Never one to turn down an opportunity to torment sportsmen and gun owners, gun-control Democrats are pushing forward with wanting to track the firearm and ammunition purchases of sportsmen and gun owners.

If you have not already emailed the members of the committee, please use our Take Action button to email the members of the committee urging them to OPPOSE AB 1587.

Don’t forget to share this important alert with your family, friends, and fellow sportsmen, as the Golden State needs everyone to stay actively involved in defending our hunting, fishing, and trapping heritage for present and future generations to enjoy.

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